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After I finished my course in Masters of Arts specializing in music, I decided that I would not seek employment from any institution. I took a loan from the bank, bought the necessary music equipment I required and rented a facility in our town where I was giving music lessons as well as training on how to play different musical instruments.


The journey was tough during the initial stages but after eighteen months, I was doing really well. It has now been four years of music and instruments training, and I have realized more and more people enroll in piano lessons. Training about it has almost become the order of my days. However, I have been experiencing backaches over a couple of weeks especially during the lessons. This is what prompted me to look for an executive office chair from https://officeworthylist.com/best-executive-chair


In this line of work though, sitting down for long periods while assessing my students is inevitable. When I visited my doctor, he recommended that I change my office seat to a more comfortable one.


Qualities To Look Out For When Buying a Comfortable Office Seat


Is the spine support enough?


Most of the people who suffer from backaches due to long sitting hours experience it at the lower part of their backs. When looking for an office seat, always look for the one that has the ability to support your lower back and can be adjusted to fit properly to your back.


How adjustable is the seat?


When shopping for an office seat, do not go for one that is rigid. Look for one that you can adjust its height and armrests. Do not go for one that you have to squeeze yourself to fit in it. The armrests should be adjustable such that there is some space between them and your body. The sitting area should have rounded edges and it will add more comfort to your legs.


Does it have enough recline?

A seat that has a lean back is not only excellent for resting but also very comfortable. A good seat will offer your back with good support and stability and this will protect your back from constant spinal aches.


What is it made of?


The material that is used in making a seat will contribute greatly on how comfortable the seat will be. When shopping for a seat with comfort in mind, look for one that is made of soft fabrics that are long lasting and allows the passage of moisture and heat. The seat should is also be padded.


How stable is the seat?


An unstable seat will put you at risk of keeling over and falling and this may cause you serious spine and other parts injuries. Check the seat base and wheels to ascertain how much stability they give the seat. A seat with a five-pointed base would be great.




When shopping for an office chair, look for one that fits your needs. Some seats are custom made to fit different office environments.


Here are two seats that I have used comfortably:


Herman Miller executive Office chair

This chair will set you back a good amount of money, but once you sit on it, you will see that it was worth every dime that you pay for it. You can view this resource to see just how awesome this office chair is. The high-quality engineering is clearly visible from the frame to the backrest.


Breathable backrest

Good for people with back and neck pain

Made with PostureFit mechanism for aligning the torso

Designed to be ergonomic – fit anyone perfectly

Nice leather armrests




May take some time to assemble


La-Z-Boy Delano


Nice name for an office chair… wait until you see the chair itself. It is out of this world thanks to the incredible design and posture support features. Made of bonded leather (mine is brown in color) and memory foam, at last my back has the comfortable and firm support that it needs. While it is ergonomic, it does not have many back support features but it fits me just fine.


Full leather

Very affordable

Nice design to look at

Can hold weight of up to 400 lbs

Good for tall people



Not breathable

No adjustability features


As I was looking for the best office chairs, I found more information on officeworthylist.com. It really helped make my decision.



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