Healthy Lunch snacks to boost your day


Healthy Lunch snacks to boost your day
You may have a short lunch break window, and you pack lunch from home. Or you are still in school and need to carry packed lunch. Whatever the case, this is a list of healthy snacks to pack for lunch.
1. Fruit
Pack an apple, pear, banana, avocado, and any other fruit. Try to carry different fruits each day for your snack.
2. Nuts
Nuts are rich in fats (healthy fats) and have very high calories. Ensure you pack just enough.
3. Oatmeal
They have just enough calories and you could add a little bit of raisins to get that sweet flavor.
4. Snack bars
Search for all natural brands of snack bars. They are a very good source of fiber, have no added sugars. They are mostly made out of natural ingredients: cashews, dates, cranberries and almonds.
5. Veggies
Raw veggies have very high contents of fiber and water. If you are not so comfortable with veggies, dip them in salsa or hummus.
6. Parmesan with popcorn
Combining these two gives you a rich flavor and over 150 calories. They are whole grain and quite energy giving.
7. Peanut butter
You get healthy proteins and about 2 grams of fiber. It is also quite economical and very sweet. It also packs high calorie content.